*“The above photo is the solid waste dumping site of Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Limited (BEIL) which has been converted to beautiful gardens.”

Environment & Safety

At Subhasri, concerns related to safety, health and environment are taken very seriously. We constantly undertake initiatives to ensure safe working conditions for our employees and maximum protection of our surroundings.
1. We have our own effluent treatment plant where all effluents are treated and discharged as per government environmental norms.
2. We discharge our non-hazardous solid wastes to secure landfill sites.
3. We have scrubbing systems to handle our waste gases and converting them into valuable by-products Our environment & safety team, have a separate laboratory facility to continuously monitor effluents and discharges.
They also conduct mock drills and training program for the employees on a regular basis, to sensitize and equip them regarding environment and safety.
The company has undertaken the task of planting trees every year and upheld its philosophy of “Clean and Green Society”

We believe in generating making wealth out of waste and thereby make valuable by products like
1)    Sodium Hypochlorite
2)    Poly Aluminium Chloride
3)    Hydrochloric Acid
4)    Ammonium Sulphate

Subhasri has undergone a World Bank Aided “Cleaner Production Technology Program” organized by the Ministry of Environment & Forests and the National Productivity Council. The company has been selected as Model Unit of Cleaner Production Program for South Gujarat Region for clean technology practices.

Working in consonance with our effluent treatment plant, our plant is a constituent member of Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Limited (BEIL). Our Solid waste gets deposited at common solid waste dumping site which is first of its kind in chemical waste dumping. The solid waste dumping sites are then converted to beautiful gardens as showcased above.

Our effluent is sent to the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Ankleshwar . The CETP has primary, secondary and tertiary treatment facilities with capacity of 40 MLD.. The pipeline project discharges treated effluents from all industries at marine standards into the sea.

Finally ,Subhasri is working very closely with our vendors to manufacture more cleaner and environment friendly products.