Packaging is as important to us as product quality. We ensure that pigments delivered to Our customers are as pure as produced in Hie plants.

The products are packed in a contamination free environment. The design results in superior product protection. handling efficiency and convenient storage. Besides lowering transposition cost, it is also environment friendly.

We use pure paper valve type bag packing and canon boxes as shown in me photo.
The main features are:

  • More environmental friendly as less amount of wood is used it pallets. thus reducing cost of disposal
  • I ho valve type bags do not contain any plastic and are made of pure paper, thereby reducing chances of static in plants and easier to dispose.
  • Valve type bags have spouts lot charging and discharging material. thus eliminating charges of any external contamination.
  • Boxes provide extra protection from forklift damages and look aesthetically neater.
  • We deliver our products in various kinds Cl packaging like LOPE bags. Bulk/Jumbo bags. Paper bags, Hessian bags and HDPE bags.

    Our entire palatalization is ISPM certified. adhering to the best packaging norms recognized globaly.