Why Subhasri?

As the title suggests, we do believe in assuring you the best quality but also providing you assurance to choose Subhasri as your product. Here are a few pointers that can suggest.

  • We strongly believe in the safety of our environment. Knowing we are a chemical company, we ensure we fulfill our responsibility towards environment through our various initiatives.
  • We have ensured our products are regulatory compliant adhering to the toughest and most stringent regulations globally. Our products are also REACH registered.
  • “Quality is always key”- We work to serve the best to our customers. Our packaging, on time delivery and most importantly being consistent with our products are goals we endlessly work toward.
  • With our team, we have worked on providing application specific grades for our customers. This has helped us expand our knowledge of the current market needs and has made it easier to cater to the same.
  • We believe in keeping up with the current trend by conducting constant studies of the current market demands and improvising our products accordingly.
  • As the motto goes “ We are what we repeatedly do, Quality is not an act, but a habit”, Subhasri not only focuses on the quality of it’s products sold but also on the fulfillment of their customers and the enrichment of it’s employees too.