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This is the chlorinated form of phthalocyanine blue which has an brilliant green shade. It is extremely clean shade with very good fastness properties. One the most stable form of organic pigments. It is used for various applications like paint, ink, plastics (master batch and fiber grade), rubber, textile, paper etc.

Copper Phthalocyanine Green 36 is the partially chlorinated and partially brominated form of phthalocyanine blue. It has a very bright tone and yellowish tone compared to green 7 and has excellent contrast. It is mainly used for the coating and the plastic applications

These are the beta form of the copper Phthalocyanine blue which are greener shade blue . These are used mainly for the aqueous and solvent based ink and paint applications. Now this product is finding increasing relevance in the plastic fiber and masterbatch market . We have products for all the applications.Blue 15:4 is the NC version of 15:3 with excellent flow and thixotropic properties for solvent based applications like excellent product for solvent based inks applications like Nitro Cellulose, Poly Amide. Poly Urethane etc.

These are the alpha form of the copper phthalocyanine blue which are red shade blue.
is a strong red shade of blue, and possesses high lightfastness and resistance to acids, alkalis, heat, waxes, oils, solvents, and soaps. It is used in news inks, textile and rubber.
is a bright red shade of blue, and possesses high lightfastness and resistance to acids, alkalis, heat, waxes, oils, solvents, and soaps. It is the most commonly used of the PB 15 pigments, accounting for 25% of the PB 15 use. It is more resistant to heat and more solvent-stable . It is has excellent heat stability properties and mainly used in plastics and paint application.
Phthalocyanine Blue NCNF (Alpha Form, Solvent-Stable, Non-Flocculating) is a bright red shade of blue, and possesses many of the same properties as PB 15:1, differing in that the pigment particles have been treated to prevent flocculation, or undesirable clumping together of the particles.

Crude copper phthalocyanine is produced by reacting phthalic anhydride, urea, copper/copper salt and ammonium molybdate (catalyst) in high-boiling solvent.It is used as an intermediate to manufacture dyes and pigments for various applications.

It is ball milled crude blue which is used as a raw material for publication inks. The strength is higher than crude blue with certain additional properties.
Ammonium sulphate (NH4)2SO4, is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses. The most common use is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur. It is also used as laboratory chemical and food additive.
We manufacture copper sulphate in powder form with a 24-25% copper content purity. It is used as an agricultural fertilizer and industrial processes like electro plating, poultry feed etc.

Pigment Blue 15:0 is an alpha modification of CPC (Copper Phthalocyanine) Blue Crude. It is also the most reddish alpha modification compared to Pigment Blue 15:1 & Pigment Blue 15:2. This pigment exhibits poor heat resistance & is commonly used in polymer application such as rubber & PVC. It is also widely used in water based applications such as textile emulsions, inks & water based paints & dispersions.


Pigment Blue 15:1 is the more heat stable than Pigment Blue 15:0. It is also an alpha modification of CPC (Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment) Blue Crude. More heat stable form makes it be selected for the polymer / plastic applications. This pigment is also more solvent stable than Pigment Blue 15:0 hence can be used for solvent based paints & machine colorants as well.


Pigment Blue 15:2 is the NCNF version of Blue 15:1 with excellent storage & dispersion stability. It is used mainly in coatings applications such as Solvent based paints & machine colorants.